lessons learned:  thinking outside the box
lessons learned: thinking outside the box

lessons learned: thinking outside the box

Last night, I headed to the art room to spend some time creating  As I entered, I realized that I’d not checked on the seed starts that I’d planted a couple of weekends ago.  I unzipped the little mobile greenhouse and began caring for each container.

The recent warm and sunny weather had clearly blessed the little pods.  Many new seedlings stretched their skinny stems to the roofs of the closed strawberry containers.  Unfortunately, however, several bumped their heads there and were beginning to adapt their little bodies to the cramped space.  Gracious!  What had I done?

Quickly, I began opening containers but had to stop suddenly in my tracks.  I realized that some of the seed starts had taken advantage of the little holes in the tops of their containers.  They had escaped what was holding them back and were literally and figuratively “thinking outside the box.”

bean sprout 2


This morning, during my prayer time I thought about those little seeds.  There is something to be said for that kind of strength and perseverance from such a tiny being.  I realized that we are all like those seedlings–each of us graced with the inherent desire to grow and to become.  Sometimes, however, we get stuck.  Rather engaging in practices that could help us creatively move forward, we are stunted by focusing on what’s holding us back.

Know this–our Creator desires more.  We are called to be a part of this world–growing, doing, being, caring, and creating on its behalf and for its welfare. We are continuously offered opportunities to think outside the box, but we have to be willing to listen, to discern, and to act, intentionally and prayerfully.  And then little by little, we will find those openings in the container that invite us to be a part of the light and life in this world.

bean sprout 1

As I carefully nudged the tiny plants back through their holes, I noticed their hunched backs beginning to unfold.  I imagined them all releasing a collective sigh of relief.  I look forward to checking in on them tonight–I imagine they will have reached new heights on their little journey.



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  1. meritwolff

    There is so much just the picture of those little plants trying to nudge through those holes stirs up in my soul. Trying to get out of the box can be painful, back bending…like those little plants. Yet the freedom, the release one they are free is tremendous. Like waking in the morning and that first big stretch! I’m tired of the back bending pain of trying, yearning to get out of the box…this image will stay with me for some time. Please post pictures of those outstretched plants that were set free!!

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