lessons learned: let’s play
lessons learned: let’s play

lessons learned: let’s play

As a former early childhood educator, I continue to apply lessons learned from my life with young children (and my own daughter).  This week, it seems that the idea of “play” has been planted in my spirit and continues to weave its way into various situations.

As a part of an email to a dear friend this week, I wrote the following passage.  It seemed like a good lesson learned for me to remember, and so I’m sharing it today.  ~cameron

As I was cleaning my house for 3 hours, I had an issue weighing on my mind.  While I worked my away around the art room which has quickly become storage during this time of reconstruction, I came across my little package of colored pencils.  It was so strange–my soul just kept saying, “It’s time to color.”  I’ve not gotten to it yet, but I will.  I should have added that to your list:  take time to play.  Get out some crayons or play doh or go to a park and find a swing set and just play.  As adults, we forget our spirit needs that, especially when we’ve had a day like you’ve had.  I think that’s why kids are so resilient sometimes–they get their feelings hurt or get in trouble or deal with other stress, but when it’s all said and done, they work it out through play.

So my wish for you tomorrow is that you’ll take a few minutes to turn off the adult chatter in your head and turn on the playful child in your spirit.

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  1. Awe! Excellent advice! I’m a teacher, too. I think spending the day with children forces you to stop and play more than most people. It is what makes me love spending my days with them. Of course, there is also the million hugs. Hug therapy is wonderful!

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