holding a little piece of creation in your hands
holding a little piece of creation in your hands

holding a little piece of creation in your hands

This weekend, I will begin some indoor starts for spring and summer veggies and herbs.  It is quite possibly one of my favorite activities on this little farm, for it is humbling to hold a little piece creation in your hands and nurture the journey known as “life.”

This year, my order from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange arrived on Christmas Eve.  This gardening girl couldn’t ask for a better gift!  I love everything about these little goodies–their artistic packages, their earthy smell, their distinctive shapes and sizes.  Ask my daughter–when the seeds arrive at our home, I’m like a kid on Halloween.

Typically, I don’t celebrate the New Year by staying up until midnight or hanging out with friends.  You can usually find me on my couch with my gardening journal deciding what will be planted first and how I’m going to maximize the space in my little indoor greenhouse.  It has become a symbolic celebration of sorts, honoring my stepping into another year and a new season of growth.

By mid-January, I find that I am beside myself with excitement.  I cannot wait any longer, and I pick a weekend to begin the first starts.  Preparation is a bit of a ritual for me, one that is sacred and involves intention and mindfulness.  In its own way, starting the seeds is a prayer ritual just like canning.  It is not something to be rushed or multitasked.  It is an opportunity for me to celebrate the great Gardener and Creator and the invitation I’ve received to be involved in creation care.

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As I sit here this morning writing this meditation, I find my spirit smiling and my heart peaceful.  What a delight and honor it is to engage in such a simple act but one that resonates so deeply in my soul.




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