a new sense of home: gratitude, grace, and growth

Through the gift of grace and family and friends, my daughter and I are in the process of remodeling our home.  In years past, I might have said “house” as the clutter of stuff and shadows of memories seemed to create a bit of darkness around the place.

For 2014, my daughter and I committed to created a new sense of “home” for ourselves.  It has required much sweat, a few tears, some laughter, and a lot of homesteading and construction skills, but we are finally rounding the corner.

And what I have learned along the way is that our home is not just about the two of us.  It’s about the family and friends who have cared for us along the journey and offered support above and beyond any means I could have imagined.  It’s about the work crews who have spent countless hours creating, constructing, and cleaning so that when we walk in the door each night, we stand in awe of what was accomplished each day.

Most importantly, it’s about gratitude.

Not taking this opportunity for granted.

Appreciating the gifts and talents shared by others.

Forgiving, not forgetting, the past.

Being grateful for the present.

And dreaming of ways I can pay it all forward.

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