lessons learned:  mushrooms and awakenings
lessons learned: mushrooms and awakenings

lessons learned: mushrooms and awakenings

Yesterday morning, I arrived at work to a magical sight.  A group of 7 large mushrooms in various stages of growth slowly burst forth through the pine straw mulch by our back parking lot.  It’s happened dozens of times since I’ve worked there, but something about yesterday caused me to pause a moment and just observe.  What a glorious natural symbol for Awakening–awakening to a new day, a new life, and new opportunities.

Upon starting my morning, I noticed through a window that a colleague had ventured in the same way and was photographing the fungus prior to coming inside.  When he came down the hall, I asked, “You photographed them too?  Aren’t they beautiful?”  He smiled and nodded then noted that’s how he felt trying to get out of bed on that drizzly Friday morning.mushroom

Well, yep, that’s one kind of awakening.

Later in the day, however, I realized how spot on he was.  Sometimes, Awakening can be like a drizzly Friday morning.  We may not be ready for what’s next–it may feel more comfortable to pull the covers up over our eyes and continue on in what is comfortable.  I mean really, who wants to take on the unknown when the bed feels. so. good.

And yet, Awakening brings with her a sense of awareness.  An opportunity to come into existence–just like those first stretches in the morning before getting out of bed.

Awakening offers the gift of unfolding renewal, just like those mushrooms growing up through the pine needles and reaching for the light.   A process that, at its own pace, allows us to open our hearts, minds, and spirits to new growth and possibility to come.

As I headed out at the end of a long and challenging day, I stopped by those mushrooms.  I thought about how much easier it would have been to stay in bed on that drizzly Friday morning and avoid addressing some of the issues that came my way.

Yet, I experienced a sense of peace and gratitude knowing that the day had offered unexpected insights into my own personal and professional growth.

(And I can always sleep in on Saturday.)



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