lessons learned: ripples on a pond
lessons learned: ripples on a pond

lessons learned: ripples on a pond

This past week, I had the honor of accompanying our youth group on their Carolina Cross Connection mission trip.  It was a week that exceeded any expectations I had for their growth and mine.  I continue to be in awe of how God awakens us to this world when we are willing to put our faith into action.

Every morning before leaving camp, we engaged in Morning Watch, a time to be alone in nature and with our Creator.  Typically, during this opportunity, I spent time praying and journaling in preparation for the day ahead.  This week, I thought I would share some thoughts on the CCC experience.  ~cameron


July 7, 2014CCC.pond

As I sit here by the pond during Morning Watch, I am blessed by a simple but stunning view of the reflection up on the water. During my time of meditation, I notice bugs, fish and tadpoles creating ripples in the surface. The circles begin with one small movement and yet widen as they grow in size

My prayer this week for my Christian Mission Group (CMG) and the Skyland Youth is that they will appreciate the God-given opportunities offered to them during this mission trip—learning skills that challenge us all—humility, patience, and openmindedness. More than anything, I pray that their lives are touched by the people they serve—that they come to appreciate that we are all wounded or hurting or seeking God’s light, that we all want to be touched by the hand of God in some way.

I sit and watch the ripples on the water and think of my kids and the people we will serve today. We are not so unalike in the eyes of our Maker, for through Jesus, God showed us that we all have light to share within this world.

Before I depart, I look across the water’s surface and notice something. The circles beside each other grow wider and end up intersecting to create a common ground—a place where the ripples connect and combine to become one entity.

I close my prayer by asking God to allow each of us to share and receive this kind of connection with those we serve so that we create a common ground within our communities—a common ground founded in the love and light of God’s grace, a common ground that will awaken us to becoming the servants God has called us to be.

CCC Week 4, Day 1, Camp McCall

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