nature: the gift that keeps on giving

With the onset of daylight savings and a shifting of priorities, I have returned to my routine of walking the dogs at my daughter’s former middle school.  I love that place because I rarely have to share it with anyone, and it was built in the middle of an old farm pasture.  Thankfully, the developers left a lot of the brush and growth around the stream and edges of the school so it flowers, foliage, and creatures abound.  While walkers come to use the track, the girls and I stroll and run around the border of the property.

With exam week upon us, our evening routines have changed up a bit this week.  Last night, however, the dogs and I managed to scurry over there prior to sunset and get a 30-minute walk in.  ladybug

As we rounded the first corner, my earphones got tangled up in with the leashes, and after several attempts to adjust then walk, adjust then walk, I finally stopped.  I took off the earphones, put them in my pocket, and held one leash in each hand.

I stopped photographing and started observing.  The golden evening light, the blossoming spring onions, the hungry little ladybug.  All there to renew my spirit and fill my soul.  No distractions, only creation.

As I soaked in the tub last night, I realized that just “being” out in nature consistently these last couple of weeks has grounded me a bit.  It has allowed me to clean the slate at the end of my day and offers me a sense of peace as I began anew.



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