my daughter’s extra garlicky green beans
my daughter’s extra garlicky green beans

my daughter’s extra garlicky green beans

Ever since she was a toddler, my child has loved herself some garlic.  Given the health benefits of this perennial bulb, I have gladly allowed her to partake of it in many forms.  Her favorites?  Roasted and pickled.curing the garlic

One of her favorite recipes is my extra garlicky green beans.  She regularly requests them for dinner and has friends whose mothers call begging me for the recipe.

Given that it is exam week, I am trying to make her extra special healthy dinners and snacks with a few of her favorites thrown in for good measure.  Tonight?  Pesto and cheese ravioli and her favorite vegetable side dish.  Be warned, however, this recipe may having people keep their distance the next day.

My Daughter’s Extra Garlicky Green Beans

2 handfuls of french or new beans (the skinnier, the better) or 1 pkg of frozen beans

3 cloves of garlic pressed, 1 clove of garlic thinly sliced

garlic powder

sea salt

olive oil or chicken stock


In a pan, heat the olive oil or chicken stock on medium heat (approximately 1-2 tbsp).  Add pressed garlic and sliced garlic and saute for 5 minutes.

Turn up the heat to med-high and add the green beans.  If needed add some water or stock to create a bit of steam.  Saute until bright green and to desired crunch.

Spread the beans out as much as you can in the pan and sprinkle with garlic powder and a bit of sea salt.  Stir to mix.

Serve warm.

Side note: sometimes, I’ll squeeze a bit of lemon over them.

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