Lenten meditation: walking with flashlights
Lenten meditation: walking with flashlights

Lenten meditation: walking with flashlights

I wrote this blogpost last winter, but it seemed appropriate for Good Friday–acknowledging the darkness and finding the light.

Recently, we adopted two rescue dogs, and we couldn’t be more happy!  LuLu has returned to us from her time in the New Leash on Life program, and while she was there, I fell in love with another dog, Chula Grace.  Now, we’ve got two new friends for life.

My daughter and I have agreed to share the duties of care, but since I go to bed later, I am the one who walks them at night.  Taking two dogs out after dark is no easy feat.  We live on a street without public lighting, and porch lights only shine so far.

Growing up, I was fearful of the dark.  It wasn’t necessarily about creatures under my bed; it seemed to have more to do with a fear of the unknown.  It made me anxious to walk around in darkness unsure of what might be around the next corner–I didn’t like that loss of control or certainty.Lulu and Chula Grace

So, as you can imagine, I have been using a flashlight these past few nights as I venture out with the girls.  Granted, a flashlight can only shine so far and and so wide, but in the midst of vast blackness, that small beam of light provides me with a bit of comfort.  It  guides me down the small path as we travel through the gardens, and it offers a sense of comfort knowing that I have some light close by.

All of us experience times of darkness, when the unknowing seems so big and overwhelming that it paralyzes us.  Each of us has “flashlights,” however–tools or people who provide us with enough light to see the path, maneuver through challenges, and arrive safely on the other side.

I might not be able to keep raccoons away or see every stone in the path, but that little light carries me through the darkness and back to the safety of my home.

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