thrifty thursday:  glass bottles
thrifty thursday: glass bottles

thrifty thursday: glass bottles

After a recent event, I watched the hosts toss various colored glass bottles into blue recycling bags.  The “collector” in me wanted to cry, “Wait! I can do something with those!”  And, after doing some research, I realized, yes, yes I can.

Here are some great ideas for recycling glass water or wine bottles.  My suggestion would be to google a site or youtube a video that will teach you how to easily cut the bottle should that be part of the project then practice on a couple of bottles that are not special (like the one that used to sit on your bookshelf in college reminding you of that special night–oh yes, I went there!).

1.  Candle holders–2 ways to use bottles for this idea–either stick thin/tapered candles in the hole in the top or cut wine bottles off to create various sizes and place candles or tea lights inside.

2.  Hurricane lamps–Same idea as candle holders but place the candle on a flat surface then put the bottle over the top of it, remembering of course to leave the top hole open.

3.  Fear of fire?  Use a short string of holiday lights instead and put inside the bottle–colored or white lights depending on your holiday.

4.  Glasses–yes, I’ve seen where you can actually cut the top part off a bottle then sand the edge and have nice sets of glasses.  Warning–it does take a bit of sanding.

5.  Center pieces–using the bottle uncut, remove the label and place assorted objects with different textures inside the bottles–vary height and color of bottles as well as texture of objects and group several bottles together or line up on a runner with something in between.

6.  Vases–again, one that can use the bottle cut or uncut.

7.  Painted/decorated/decoupaged–there are far too many Pinterest ideas around this one for me to even post or suggest here.   From spray paint to tissue paper to macaroni–what CAN’T you put on the outside of a bottle?

8.  Birdfeeders–yes, I know–this idea makes almost every thrifty Thursday list, but I do love them so.  I’ve seen a lot of hummingbird feeders creatively crafted from glass bottles being held by copper tubing.

9.  Organizers–Paint some chalkboard paint on the outside and label it then fill with items such as nails, tacks, rubber bands, etc.

10.  Plant waterer–fill bottle with water and stick upside down in plant.  Yes, it’s that simple.

11.  Planters–cut bottom of bottle off, turn upside down so the neck/mouth become the drainage spout, and fill with


dirt.  Raise seedlings, start root cuttings, or just replant extras.

11.  Chandelier–so many beautiful ideas out there for this one–it’s worth the google.

12.  Shelving–drill holes in wood large enough for the lip/neck of the wine bottle to fit through and the wood will rest on the body of the bottle–for extra sturdiness, you can fill the bottle with something solid.

13.  Jewelry or wind chimes–cut small strips off the body to create bracelets or the neck to create earrings; use different size circles to create the wind chime

14.  And if all else fails, do what we see all around the South, turn them upside down and place on branches of a tree or pieces of rebar in the ground.

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