letting nature take its course
letting nature take its course

letting nature take its course

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about a chickadee couple who came to reside in our blue bird house. (You can read about it here.)  While I was saddened that they weren’t blue birds, I was just grateful that a pair of fine feathered friends had graced us with their presence. Sadly, they were scared away right after building their nest and so we never witnessed the miracle of life with this family.

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to be home at lunch time.  As I strolled around the garden beds, I heard quite a commotion.  Over by the same blue bird home, I observed a male chickadee and a male blue bird swooping and diving around the wooden house.  The female birds waited cautiously in the trees but made no less noise.  I secretly rooted for the blue birds as I didn’t want them to be scared away from the farm, but I also felt drawn to letting Creation do her thing.

A week later, after we returned home from Spring Break, I peaked in the box.  Sure enough, the chickadees had won, and a mossy green nest waited patiently for its treasure.  A bit disappointed and a bit uncertain, I emailed a friend who is a blue bird aficionado and asked what to do.

He shared some advice:  remove the nest or put up another home.

After considering my options, I realized that I couldn’t bring myself to intervene and remove the chickadee’s cradle.  If these two creatures had been out in the wild, it wouldn’t be my choice but rather Creation’s, and who am I to fool with Mother Nature?!chickadee egg

Yesterday, when I arrived home on a sunny but cold Spring eve, I toured around the gardens to see if anything had died during the former night’s frost.  I eventually made my way ’round to the house and carefully peeked in.  Sure enough, the first new egg nestled down into the nest that Mama and Papa had lined with fibers and fur.


I can’t say that I was any less excited than I’d been to find the first blue bird egg last June.  I snapped a quick photo then carefully closed and locked the house.

As I strolled up the driveway, I realized that by letting Nature take its course, I would be witness to yet another miracle this early spring.  And it was no better or worse than having blue birds around–just different.

Sometimes, our expectations are not always met as we would like them to be, but that doesn’t mean the Universe is against us.  It simply means the path may look a little different on our journey–an opportunity for new perspective, new growth, or maybe just a rest.

And by the way, no worries for the blue birds.  I’ve hung a second house that I received for Christmas and know they will be just fine.


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