lessons learned:  brokenness like a mosaic
lessons learned: brokenness like a mosaic

lessons learned: brokenness like a mosaic

This past weekend, I was given the gift of a spiritual walk with God.  While it occurred within a community setting, the focus was on my own connection with my faith and how it shapes and reshapes who I am.

A very powerful part of the weekend for me was soul-searching my own brokenness and hurt and loss.  How powerful for a Christian in the time of Lent.

Upon returning to my daily life, I have found myself continuing to meditate not only on what it means to be broken but also what it means to be healed and whole.

What I’m coming to understand is that wholeness is not simply the solution to or opposite of brokenness; rather, wholeness is a state of love and grace so freely offered that I can be re-created again and again in the eyes of my Maker.

I wrote this meditation a few years ago and carried it with me to this blog.  It seems that it always journeys back into my heart around Lent, and so I’d like to share it again today.  peace be with you~cameron

God uses broken things. It takes broken soil to produce a crop, broken clouds to give rain, broken grain to give bread, broken bread to give strength.

~Vance Havner

Recently, my daughter and I spent an afternoon together at a local paint-it-yourself pottery shop.  As we entered, an area with mosaic pieces caught my eye.  I’ve always wanted to learn this art form but have found it a bit intimidating—so many shapes, not enough symmetry.  I was open, however, to trying it and picked out a bird to decorate.mosaic bird

As I began my work, I realized I was concentrating too much on creating a pattern.  Determined to be outside of my comfort zone, I stopped looking for shapes that mirrored each other or fit together well and just randomly placed pieces on the bird.  As I was working, I realized that this process was about more than making art.  It was truly a metaphor for my spiritual life.

Here my fingertips danced across handfuls of broken pieces of colored glass.  Each of these smaller parts had once been connected together to form one perfect, smooth object.  Then something happened, and that object had been shattered or cut into many shards—some sharp, some jagged, some straight.  I chose those small pieces and put them back together to create something new, something beautiful.

In our life’s journey, we experience challenges that leave us broken—our hearts or spirits feel as if they will never be put back together the right way, and honestly, how can they be?  Those moments change us.  The grace, however, is in the healing.  Those pieces of our heart or spirit come back together in a different way.  Some pieces may be jagged while others smooth out over time, but what is amazing, is that they have created something new, something that has a purpose to better serve this world.


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