lessons learned:  craving winter
lessons learned: craving winter

lessons learned: craving winter

For the past two weeks, I have been working in Wisconsin, in the middle of 2 snow storms and frigid temperatures, and I have loved it.  Seriously.  I don’t know if my soul has just craved a real winter for so long that it needed that time, or if my middle-aged body just appreciates cooler climes instead of warmer temps.  Either way, it was delightful.

Since I live in the mountains of western NC, I have never witnessed how falling snow and wind negotiate extensive, flat farming fields.  You see, here we have mountains and hills that break up wind and snow patterns, but in the flatness of central Wisconsin, these two elements are left to their own devices.  And as with other phenomena in God’s creation, it is mesmerizing.snow field

You can only hear Wind as she begins with a soft whistle as if inviting Snow to come and play.  Suddenly, Snow jumps up with great excitement and joins Wind, then the two waltz across the top of hibernating corn fields before giving way to the next couple.  It is very unbridled, very freeing.

That’s when I understood my fascination for winter and snow.

Yes, for me snow brings with it a sense of peace and calm, but there’s also something about these elements that is primal and touches the part of my spirit that craves release.  In a life full of responsibilities and expectations, we all need to experience that sense of spiritual and emotional freedom now and again–to put to rest the work required of us in other seasons of our lives and simply allow our spirit to dance with the Creator.


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