prayer on a snowy morning
prayer on a snowy morning

prayer on a snowy morning

Even on an official snow day, the dogs woke me up early this morning.  I have been sitting at my kitchen table watching God begin to sprinkle the earth with light snow, as if she were decorating Valentine’s cookies.  The woods fill with a symphony of tweets and chirps as birds swarm the feeders.

Grey day.  Warm tea.  Fuzzy slippers.  Grateful heart.

I know others are not so fortunate, however, and walk the streets, huddle under bridges, or stand in line. It is for them that I pray this morning.

I ask for strength and safety for those shelter providers, care givers, and food preppers who tirelessly and selflessly create warm and safe spaces for those in need.

I lift up the plight of homelessness and poverty and pray for systemic change that alleviates suffering and finds sustainable solutions.

I turn inward and ask how I can make a difference, how I can be a change agent.

Then my thoughts return to those who are without food, shelter, utilities, and clean water, and I hold them in intentional and longing prayer.

Lord, in your mercy, hear this prayer.


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