lessons learned:  having the right tools
lessons learned: having the right tools

lessons learned: having the right tools

Last week, I started working on my daughter’s new bedroom.  She will be moving downstairs to the former master bedroom which became storage/office/workout room when we moved upstairs after her birth.  Now, in the teen years, we will both benefit from the repurposing of this room so I’m beginning to address some drywall issues in preparation for the move.

Yes, I said drywall issues.

I have never worked with dry wall–I am used to soft and tender materials like seedlings and fabric, compost and dough.  After a bit of advice and a couple of youtube videos, I thought I was prepared so last Sunday I ventured downstairs.

Without going into all the details, let me just tell you that a carpet cutting blade and a hammer will not work.  Nope.  After much frustration and a few choice words, I gave in, and ventured to my locally owned hardware store for some advice.

What I left with?  An object that looks the spawn of a carving knife and a small saw.  Clearly, it could eat a carpet blade alive.drywall blade

When I tested it on the wall, however, it took on the job with ease.  No problem for a tool that was made to eat plaster.  (Needless to say, I wondered if I would come back upstairs with all digits in tact.)

What I am learning from homesteading is that each job requires its own set of tools.  Sometimes, it’s not a matter of making do with what’s in the toolkit; the job may need me to acquire a new instrument or seek different guidance.

I am learning that life is like that as well.  Sometimes, we think we have the tools we need to address the next steps on our journey, when really we might benefit from some wise advice, a new skill set, or another approach.  What this incident with the drywall taught me was that it is ok to admit that I don’t know it all or have it all when it comes to tackling this particular job.  On the journey, I may need to take a reality check now and again and see if I should seek out some new tools for life’s toolkit.

After I finish this post, I’ll be headed downstairs to get back to work.  It’s not a job that I enjoy, but thankfully, it’s one I’ll be able to accomplish now that I’ve got what I need to finish the job.




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