love is. . .

I thought I’d repost this one today since we lit the Advent candle for Love yesterday.  ~Cameron

When I was little, my grandparents gave me a book entitled “Love Is. . .”  Each page had two little cartoon characters in a scene that illustrated a simple saying about love.  Love is. . .when he looks at you and makes your tummy feel funny.  Love is. . .when she holds your hand.

As I sat quietly before the Ash Wednesday service last night, I began reflecting on what “love is.”  I came home and started googling some of my favorite poets and writers looking for how they define “love is.”  I found some beautiful responses and heartfelt commentary about love, but I realized none of them fully captured what “love is” to me.

love is. . .when she shares laughter with her mom
love is. . .when she shares laughter with her mom

I spent my quiet time this morning defining “love is” for myself, and initially, I thought I’d write them down here.  What I would rather do, however, is stop writing so that you stop reading and encourage you to take some time today think about what love is for your spirit, your heart, and your body.  Tuck it away in your soul and call on it when needed.  Take its light and share it with others.  Put it to memory and let it guide you daily.

And be grateful in thought and in action for the One whose love is you.

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