winter windowsill garden

When I was a little girl, I remember my mom taking carrots, cutting off the tops, and placing them in an aluminum pie pan near

golden beet and turnip
golden beet and turnip

a window sill.  After a few weeks, green shoots would appear at the top then the lacy leaves would spring forth.  It took me a few times to appreciate that a carrot wouldn’t grow from the bottom, but no matter, it was magical just watching water and carrot tops create life.

To this day, when I see tiny green nubs breaking through the skin of a root vegetable, I get that same youthful, magical excitement.  So this past week, when I found a couple of beets, a turnip, and a couple of carrots looking just right, I prepped them and stuck them down in some 4 ounce mason jars with a bit of water.

You can’t put too much liquid in there or it makes the vegetable flesh rot, but you also have to be careful not to let them dry out.  I find that putting them in the window above my sink in the clear mason jars helps me keep a regular eye on how they’re doing.  Plus, they look beautiful catching the late afternoon sunlight.

If you have children or just want to feel child-like yourself, consider a winter windowsill garden.  It’s a great way to transition from the last harvest of Autumn to the first seedlings of Spring.

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