prayer card:  joy
prayer card: joy

prayer card: joy

As a part of my faith journey, I sometimes spend time meditating through art instead of writing.  My spiritual director introduced me to the concept of prayer cards a few years ago, and it has become one of my favorite spiritual practices.  I find a picture that calls to be with me.   I spend time with it, meditating on it and discovering its meaning. As I am doing so, I create a card, usually around 5×7 in size, and decorate it.  For me, the key to this process is just being with God in quiet and peace, perhaps with some quiet music, but usually not.  I find that the more pure the environment, the less distracted I am.  When I am done, I take the card to a session with my spiritual director, and we talk about it.  Usually, I will have some sort of epiphany which then unlocks a place in my spirit that guides me on the next steps of my journey.

I found this photo two winters ago when days were dark, and it seemed the light of Spring would never come.  The minute I stumbled up on it, my heart exploded, and I caught myself smiling.  There is something utterly pure and delightful about the look on both the child’s and the camel’s face.  Nothing more here than joy bubbling up from the spirit and coming to life in a single moment.


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