a piece of peace

As I sit with “peace” this week, I thought this one might be appropriate to repost.  ~Cameron

As I prepare to go about my work today,

may my intention to live life in your present moment

be the pattern for this day and my life.

With your help, may I forever do

only one thing at a time–

always in communion with you, my Beloved,

with all my heart and mind and soul.

~Modern prayer by Edward Hays, USA

I seem to be saying “this too shall pass” a lot lately.  Spring is not easy for a parent of a school-age child or for a professional in the middle of an office move, or for a farmer with seedlings to nurture.  It seems that more and more of my time is going into other people, places and things and not so much into myself–that’s what I call “the business of busyness.”

Now don’t misunderstand me, I appreciate balance and my need as an introvert for quiet, spiritual time daily–cancer and turning 40 in the same year will do that to a person.  Some days, however, the whirlwind of parenting and working seem to turn me and toss me until I end up flopped in the bed, eyelids heavy with fatigue.

Some days, I just want a “piece of peace.”  I’m not asking for much–just a bit of quiet when I can escape the hustle and bustle (or all the extroverts who thrive off hustle and bustle) and, as I’m fond of saying, “just be.”

My prayer for this morning is not simply for a piece of peace; rather, it is for mindfulness–mindfulness for appreciating the gift of quiet moments and stepping into them rather whirling and twirling among the business of busyness.  Mindfulness for taking one  thing at a time in a multitasking kind of world.

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  1. Beautiful thoughts this morning. Wishing you peace

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  2. As of late, I can most certainly relate to your thoughts. With the snow we’ve gotten, we haven’t been getting out much, if at all, lately. Because this area isn’t prepared for it and has effectively been shut down as a result, the extroverts in my household are going stir-crazy and, therefore, affecting my own piece of peace. Just not getting the quiet I, myself, thrive on. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

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