resting as a spiritual act
resting as a spiritual act

resting as a spiritual act

This morning, I am sitting in front of my computer screen less like a writer and more like a zombie.  With my daughter’s first high school play in the works, late night rehearsals and post-play studying have kept us up past our normal bedtimes.   Even though we are both worn out, we have truly enjoyed this experience, and I daresay that I look forward to the next show this winter.

As we started out the door this morning, I reminded my sweet child that tomorrow we could both sleep in and enjoy the comfort of our beds.  She looked at me with sleepy eyes and a relieved spirit and smiled.

I am reposting this one as a reminder for both of us today.

I rest as a spiritual act.  ~Anne Lamott

For a night owl, it can be difficult to settle in early and rise with the sun, but in the past couple of weeks, I’ve done just that.  Weekends have been filled with early morning chores or activities in preparation for the day ahead.  I will admit that it has not been easy, but I seemed to have created a new routine, and last night, my body gently invited my spirit to go to bed early.  And she did.mindfulness rocking chair

Many of us are not inclined to rest.  If we are not pushing ourselves in exercise classes or on early morning runs, we are logged into to multiple tech devices and multitasking responsibilities around our homes.  Slowing down also means removing distraction, and I’ve found that sometimes, that’s not so comfortable.  We don’t like Quiet, yet I have found her to be like the teacher who makes you journal for 10 minutes before class starts.  She centers you and allows you to focus on those things that are important to your soul.  And if you are willing to learn from those pages of writing, then life might just take on a new meaning for you.

Last night, as I crawled under the covers into the sanctuary of my bed, I realized–I didn’t want to read, I didn’t want to check my phone, I didn’t want to write.  I simply wanted to rest.   And so I closed my eyes for a bit, and Peace joined me.  We settled in like two old friends who haven’t seen each other for awhile and appreciated the moment together.

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