recipes:  growing grace farm’s dried apples
recipes: growing grace farm’s dried apples

recipes: growing grace farm’s dried apples

This past week, I found a great deal on bags of organic apples.  Just my luck!  Apples have become a staple of my grain-free breakfast and my daughter’s school lunch.  I continue to look for options for this fruit as they are so delicious this time of year.

While making kale chips in the dehydrator today, I looked around my kitchen for other items to dry.  It seems like a waste of good air to have 3 empty trays on the kitchen table so I grabbed some of the apples, sliced ’em up, and let the dehydrator do all the work.apples

growing grace farm’s dried apples

4-6 apples (I use a square Nesco dehydrator and sliced thinly, the apples can fit about 1-1.5 per tray)

juice of one orange

cinnamon or apple pie spice


Using a mandoline and handle, slice the apples to your desired thinness.  I have a 1-2-3 setting on mine with 1 being the thinnest.  That’s what we tried today.  I stick the apple into the handle so that I don’t slip and slice a finger too.

Pour the juice of the orange in a large bowl.  (I have found that using a large bowl ensures that everything gets coated well.)

After each apple is sliced, I toss the apples in the orange juice to coat–this keeps from browning and helps the cinnamon/apple pie spice adhere to the slices.

Shake a bit of cinnamon or apple pie spice over the apples and toss to coat.

Place the slices on the trays of your dehydrator only one layer thick.  Overlapping or stacking will create uneven dehydration.

Dry until desired texture.  If you would like to store slices without adding additional preservative, you will need to dry them until crispy, like chips.

Store in an airtight container.  I just use a large mason jar for mine.  Enjoy!

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