lessons learned:  the wren and the crows
lessons learned: the wren and the crows

lessons learned: the wren and the crows

Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice.  ~Steve Jobs

This cloudy, autumn morning, I took the dogs on a  brief stroll out back of the office before coming inside.  We have a great wooded lot and field behind the building which have become home to many species of birds.  Each morning, I listen to their chatter as they rise with the morning then open my window to hear their mid-day symphony as the sun rounds the corner.

This morning, however, a squawking pierced the air.  I looked across the bramble to the abandoned parking lot only to find a circle of crows cackling and cawing.  My approach didn’t startle them as they continued to berate someone or something.  I looked over to a small tree, and there sat a round and fat Carolina wren.  He just chirped and fussed as if trying to make his point heard, but the crows used their size and voice to drown him out.  carolina wren

Within minutes, the big black birds hopped over towards the tree and sat beneath the wren.  They continued to offer their loud opinions, and the small bird seemed helpless in its efforts at self-expression.

Then suddenly, for a brief moment, the crows paused to catch their breath.  I felt myself quietly cheering the wren on, waiting to see how he would respond.

But he did not.

He tilted his head and looked around as if sizing up the situation, and with that, he flew away.

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