lessons learned:  God’s thoughts on compost
lessons learned: God’s thoughts on compost

lessons learned: God’s thoughts on compost

This week, I spent time with my spiritual director.  She talks with me about my journey with the Creator and cultivates the relationship we have through sacred listening.  Her guidance has nurtured me in a way that supports my daily practices to integrate mind, body, and spirit.

What I embrace about my spiritual director is here ability to hear the word or phrase that may capture the next step forward.  After I share for a bit, we will stop and have some moments of quiet, and she’ll say to me, “The word (or picture or feeling) that is coming to me is __________.  Does that have any meaning for you?”  Sometimes, I say “yes,” sometimes, I say “no,” and sometimes, I have the “aha” moment.

Thursday was an “aha” moment.  And it was all about compost.compost turned

When Katie looked at me and noted, “The word that keeps coming to me is ‘compost.’  Does that mean anything to you,” I looked at her and thought God was playing a joke on me.  Seriously.

You see, I was referring back to circumstances from the past and how long it had taken me to work through them and heal.  I joyfully shared with her how in the past month, I had the opportunity to use that experience for the good–how that experience provided me the hindsight to create a different outcome this go round.

And all God could call it was “compost?”  What about “gold star” or “epiphany” or “growth?”

As we sat there, I started thinking about the analogy a bit more, and we talked our way through it.  That’s when the “aha” moment came.  What begins to form compost?  All the muck and yuck and rotting stuff that we throw away.  It gets buggy and wormy before it undergoes the transformation to “black gold”–rich, living organic matter that nourishes plant life.

My director even reminded me that compost isn’t formed in a day.  It takes time and a period of deconstruction of the matter before it can be reconstructed as a healthy, life-giving soil supplement.

And there it was.  My transformation had been captured in one word.  “Compost.”  And boy, was God spot on.



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