lessons learned:  on mint and gumption
lessons learned: on mint and gumption

lessons learned: on mint and gumption

Reposting this one as two opportunities for reflection this week reminded me why I cherish the word “gumption.”


This morning on my brief stroll to pick kale for the chickens, I glanced around the veggie beds.  How empty everything seems, even with greens and cover crops.  I miss the bright red tomatoes and climbing green beans that welcomed me each morning as if to say “Summer IS here!”  And while Autumn is my favorite season, she brings with her harvest and homesteading and gently reminds me that Winter is on her way.mint

I was feeling a bit sentimental until I noticed the mint.  Oh yes, the mint.  The plant that I refer to as the “bane of my existence” each summer.  Well, there she stood perky and vibrant on this chilly fall morning.  In spite of chicken feet, dry spells, and Japanese beetles, Mint has survived the dog days of summer and stands proudly in my garden as if to say, “I’m here to stay.”

The girl’s got gumption.  Any plant who can survive three chickens and the beetles that infested my yard deserves a bit of reverence and acknowledgement.

I stood there staring at the mint and thinking about all the “weathering” I endured on my life’s journey before I started this little farm–loss of family members, divorce, cancer.  And yet, here I stand, in the middle of a place that has healed me, nurtured me, and developed within me a sense of faith and gumption that have carried me through other challenges and trials.

My Faith, she centers me, roots me in a place that helps me feel strong and whole.  Gumption, well, she just keeps me going and growing and so thankful not only to be alive but also to feel alive.

So, I’m picking a bit of that mint this morning and adding to my green tea.  Can’t hurt to partake of a little gumption now and again.

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