autumn rainbow
autumn rainbow

autumn rainbow

This  morning on the way to school, the sky took on an eerie shade of coral indicating an impending storm arriving behind a glorious sunrise.  It was so mesmerizing that I decided to skip the early arrival at work and head to a local parking garage to spend some time with Mother Nature.

I jumped out of the car with my camera phone only to discover that it couldn’t capture the clouds’ unique shades and tones so I settled into leaning on the wall to watch the storm travel into town from the western Blue Ridge Mountains.

Then there it was.  Organically, the light met the moisture out over those mountains, and a ball of color began to take shape.

I have never witnessed the birth of a rainbow.  It’s not what I expected.  It begins as a nebulous stretch of color running together like motor oil in a rain puddle.  As the light becomes sharper, each individual section of the spectrum gently wiggles into place then begins to grow tall, like a vine reaching towards the heavens.  The light and clouds continue their dance, and if you’re lucky, you might spot another rainbow in the making out on the periphery.  Then suddenly, POP, the spectrum reaches just the right point and bows over as if giving thanks to the Creator for life.

It. Is. Stunning.

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