lessons learned:  there’s peace in the quiet of creation
lessons learned: there’s peace in the quiet of creation

lessons learned: there’s peace in the quiet of creation

Today is the International Day of Peace.  In honor of it, I am reposting this blog.  May we all take time to find peace within the small things of the world so that we can create a ripple effect of peace within our world.

There is no need to go to India or anywhere else to find peace.  You will find that deep place of silence right in your room, your garden or even your bathtub.  ~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Spending a couple of hours transplanting and mulching yesterday, I offered myself opportunities to stop, rest, and observe.  Yes, the ground was wet and the weather not so spectacular, but there’s something peaceful about sitting still on photo 3the farm, even on a rainy day.

When it’s warm and dry, one of my favorite activities is lying in my driveway on the heated asphalt and looking up at all that surrounds me.  Leaves on the tulip poplar fluttering in the breeze and birds of various species flying overhead take on new meaning when I am quiet and still.

Because it was so damp yesterday, I ended up taking a break by the snap pea trellis.  From there, I noticed two chickadees flying back and forth in front of me.  My eyes followed one as it swooped down to the blue bird house.  The birdhouse!  Finally!  After 3 spring seasons, we have birds living in our bird house.  I happened upon the nest last week when I opened it up to clean out the woodpecker shavings.  You see, we’ve never had a blue bird reside there, but we’ve had bats, flickers and hornets all try it on for size.  Well this year, thanks to an enlarged, pecked-on hole, a chickadee couple has turned the house into a home.nest

My fat orange rescue Persian, Tucker, and I sat on the sloping hill and watch the birds fly to and from the nest.  The male would wait cautiously as the female darted in and out.  Once she settled, he perched on the edge of the opening and chatted with her before heading back over to the dogwood branch overhanging Tucker and me.

We waited and watched for 20  minutes or so.  It wasn’t a photo opportunity, a project, or a chore.  It was Creation–happening right there before me, at its own pace and offering me peace.

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