lessons learned: transplanting the seedlings

The fall seedlings have begun to sprout, and soon it will be time for thinning and replanting.  I will admit, it pains me to thin out the extras to make room for better growth, and so I try to save as many as I can by replanting the tiny plants elsewhere in the gardens.  seed starts kale

If you’ve never transplanted plant life, it can be a bit of a stress on the plant itself.  Whether it is a hearty bush or delicate seedling, the transplant needs much care and water to survive the first several hours of change.

I am always in awe of how resilient plants can be if provided with enough care.  They may wilt, they may struggle, but they wait patiently to be tended to by the gardener.  Then one day, you look at the plant and it is no longer something stuck in new dirt–it has become life.

Change moves us to new spaces and places on our journey–we struggle, we wilt, and we wonder if we will survive.  May we surrender to the great Gardener–the one who nurtures us with love and light and who brings us back to life again.

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