my new favorite–gluten/grain free almond and blueberry cookies
my new favorite–gluten/grain free almond and blueberry cookies

my new favorite–gluten/grain free almond and blueberry cookies

Once I gave up wheat, I discovered that rice and other grains also gave me problems, and so I have essentially eliminated all of them from my diet (although I can enjoy a great non-GMO tortilla chip now and again!).  Sadly, it has made for limited options related to sweet treats or healthy snacks on the go.

Recently, however, I have begun experimenting making homemade goodies by using almonds instead of gluten free baking substitutes.  Yes, you can buy almond flour, but even in my local organic store, it is much more expensive than simply purchasing the nuts.  Instead, I buy the thinly sliced almonds, grind them up in my processor and make my own flour.  After trying several recipes and experimenting with my own ideas, I have created a great cookie that I enjoy for a quick breakfast or late afternoon treat with my green tea.

Growing Grace Farm’s Almond and Blueberry Cookies

blueberries and lavender3 cups almond flour

1/3 stick softened butter

1/4 cup organic coconut oil

2 eggs

4 heaping tbsp brown sugar

2 tbsp honey

1/2 cup shredded coconut, unsweetened

dried blueberries (I’ve also included dried cranberries with the blueberries)

finely chopped lavender or cinnamon, if desired

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Blend the flour, butter, and oil in a food processor.  Add the 2 eggs and sugars and pulse until blended and as smooth as you’d like the dough.  Add the shredded coconut and dried blueberries (fruit).  Pulse until just blended; otherwise, the blueberries will rehydrate and turn the dough purplish brown.

Form into balls and flatten to 1/4 inch or so  (the dough does not spread very much).  If the cookie is too thick, it won’t bake all the way in the middle and will fall apart.  Bake in oven until edges are slightly browned and the middle is done (you may end up having to adjust your oven temp a bit).  Remove and let cool 10 minutes or so until trying to remove from pan.  Enjoy!


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