lessons learned:  when Grace comes knocking, allow Grace in
lessons learned: when Grace comes knocking, allow Grace in

lessons learned: when Grace comes knocking, allow Grace in

This week, Grace stopped by so I thought I’d re-share this one today.~Cameron

“I do not understand the mystery of grace — only that it meets us where we are and does not leave us where it found us.”

~Anne Lamott

I began this week with short meditation on a small but powerful observation by Anne Lamott:  Allow grace in (see blogpost “a simple thought to start the morning“), and honestly, as the week has moved forward, I have adopted that statement as a mantra.

As I explained to my spiritual director on Thursday, I am one of Grace’s biggest fans.  I befriended her when my ex-husband and I separated 8 years ago.  Prior to that, I knew she existed, but I didn’t realize she was quietly waiting there for me to notice her.

As the next several years passed, I was blessed by my relationship with Grace.  She provided me a sense of comfort and blessing even when I grew weary and challenged in my personal and professional lives.  She met me at the door with open arms, invited me in, and let me lie on her couch surrounded with her calming presence.lavender

As time has passed, however, I haven’t been such a good friend to Grace.  I have forgotten that being in a relationship requires an active commitment and intentionality.  I have assumed that because Grace is around all of the time, that she has to do all the work.  That’s where Anne Lamott set me straight this week.

Allow grace in.

Allow grace in.

I realized that I had been forgetting to invite Grace over or appreciate what she has to offer in the day-to-day.  Grace doesn’t arrive with an entourage and make things all better–if you want that, you might try knocking on Miracle’s door.  (Although I hear she’s rarely home.)  Grace is the tried and true friend who brings you your favorite green tea when you’ve had a rough day.  Grace is the lavender spring coming up through the rocky path when you thought you’d killed it off last year.  Grace is your teen daughter putting her arm around you and asking how your day was when she sees the quiet tears dripping down your cheeks.

You see, sometimes, Grace is at our door quietly knocking.  We just have to recognize who it is, open the door, and allow her in.

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