small suburban farming–it can be done!
small suburban farming–it can be done!

small suburban farming–it can be done!

In the South, Mother’s Day is not only a day to celebrate the women we cherish, but it is also the day we  farmers and gardeners stop holding our breath and put out the most delicate of summer veggie starts.  So, tonight I sat down with my farm journal and decided to list how many veggies, fruits, herbs, and alliums.  I’ve been pulling a number out of the hat when folks ask and have been guessing 17 total.  Well, y’all, I’m excited to say, it’s more than double that!   The delight of it is that my little farm, by my estimate, maximizes 350 square feet to include all these yummies for summer:


blueberries, wineberries, grapes, apricot trees (hoping for fruit this year)


Greens: lacinato kale, vates kale, russian kale, rainbow chard, and bloomsdale spinach

Legumes:  fava beans, cherokee wax bush beans, white half runner bush beans, sugar snap peas

Nightshades:  amish paste tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, red sweet pepper (saved from friends’ peppers), multicolor sweet pepper (saved from peppers from store), tequila sunrise pepper, rosa bianca eggplant

Squash:  small sugar pumpkin, yellow crookneck summer squash, acorn squash (saved seed from store squash), dark green zucchini, butternut squash, white wonder cucumber

Root veggies:  danvers carrots, scarlet nantes carrots, fingerling potatoes, red new potatoes

Alliums:  red onion, american flag leek, yellow sweet spanish onion, garlic (to be harvested in summer but planted last autumn)


lavender, thyme, garlic chives, thai basil, sweet basil, bouquet dill, mammoth long island dill, cilantro

Looking forward to seeing what kind of yield summer will bring given vertical planting and succession planting.  Come back and visit me in a few weeks–photos to follow!



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