Spring at rest

There is something about cloudy, cool weather in the Spring that puts my soul at ease.  While others mourn the loss of the sunshine and the lower temps, I walk outside and feel Nature at rest.  I imagine it can be tiring being Spring, waking up every day and putting on a sunny face–having to get dressed up in colorful regalia and radiate happiness day in and day out.  On days like today, I imagine that Spring decided she just wanted to wake up, lounge around in her favorite jammies, and enjoy a cup of warm tea.  The birds may beckon her to warm their feathers, but Spring just nods at them from the kitchen window as she fills her mug.

http://loveallthingscomfy. tumblr.com/post/ 7929016395
http://loveallthingscomfy. tumblr.com/post/ 7929016395


3 Comments on “Spring at rest

  1. Cameron,

    I get it. I’ve been enjoying the strong winds and rain, the gray stormy sky, here.

    Every time I come here, I feel the peace.

    Thank you.


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