living in the spirit
living in the spirit

living in the spirit

Dear God, be all my love, all my hope and all my endeavor; let my thoughts and words emanate from you, let my daily life be lived in you, and let every breath I take be filled with joy for you.  Amen.thankful hands

After St John Cassian (c.360-435), Scythia

In the past two months, I have attended more funerals than I have in the last two years.  The last three people who have journeyed from my life have happened to be women who had lived long, full lives.  And while each was very different from the other, I realized yesterday that all of them were hemmed together by the common thread of faith.

Having read their self written obituaries and listened to reflections from friends and families, I learned of their joys and struggles, passions and ambitions.  Each walking down very different paths but all finding themselves journeying with God by their sides–drawing strength and purpose from that relationship.

As I sat in the chapel yesterday, I thought about all the forces that had compelled them to become the women they were.  And I expressed gratitude for the blessings they had bestowed over the course of lifetimes, simply because they were living in the spirit.

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