lessons learned:  on hauling mulch
lessons learned: on hauling mulch

lessons learned: on hauling mulch

It’s about that time time of year when we start Spring cleaning our gardens, homes, and perhaps, even ourselves.  I thought this one might be appropriate for today.  Reposted from March 2012.

Two weeks ago, hauling mulch back and forth from your neighbor’s yard, one small wheelbarrow at a time, afforded me the opportunity to work some things out.  I don’t mean reflect on it or problem solve it–I mean really work it OUT, out of my head, out my body and even out of my pores.  Sweat dripping and arms aching, I pushed and pulled my wheelbarrow for three days (note to my PT:  not for three consecutive days) until wood chips blanketed the entire farm.  Thirty seven loads of mulch can really get you out of your head which was exactly what I needed.

newly mulched area of farm
newly mulched area of farm

I will be the first to admit that I can start ruminating on issues and have a hard time letting go.  I will look at a problem from all sides, and because I am a passionate person, feel a problem from all sides.  Needless to say, that keeps my mind burnin’ and my tummy churnin’ so two weeks ago when that started, I texted my neighbor, asked if I could borrow some mulch, grabbed the pitchfork and got to work.

The steady physical work required my mind and body to do more than just ruminate–it just plain wore me out!  While I love how yoga and stretching help me quiet the “monkey chatter” in my head, hauling mulch didn’t just quiet it, it sweated it out of every last pore in my body.  Needless to say, I slept better too which always gives me a clearer perspective on life.

So yes, I was sore, and yes, my ice packs kept me company for a few days, but I tell you what:  next time I get stuck inside my head, you won’t find me worrying on the couch.  I’ll be the one in her overalls out hauling mulch.ovrealls

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  1. There is NOTHING like steady physical work to expunge the nagging unnecessary. I still have a goodly pile of mulch in the driveway from my last overly-ambitious bulk mulch purchase. I think in the coming weeks I’ll be trying the tarp method I use with my leaves. The wheelbarrow just doesn’t cut it when it’s been sitting there for a year. 😉

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