happy journey day
happy journey day

happy journey day

Today brings with it several anniversaries for me.  By the time, I received my cancer diagnosis on this date 3 years ago, I began to wonder if God had a thing for February 9.

The gift, however, that February 9 brings with it is the opportunity to reflect on my life’s journey, especially in the last three years.  It is amazing how one action or one word can reveal new paths, and I am grateful that I had enough faith to choose a new direction.

I realized as I began writing for today that it sounded familiar so I’m reposting a meditation I wrote on my birthday this year.    Happy Journey Day!

the laugh lines of the farmer
the laugh lines of the farmer

This is for all you girls about 42

Tossin’ pennies into the fountain of youth

Every laugh, laugh line on your face

Made you who you are today.

~This One’s for the Girls, sung by Martina McBride

Thank you, Martina McBride, for singing those lyrics with such energy and spirit!  When I listen to the live version of that song, I can’t help but smile knowing that in spite of all of the challenges in my last 40some years, I have laugh lines to remind me of what’s important.

The year of my separation, I can remember stopping one morning as I got ready for work.  Was it true?  There in the mirror stood a woman who had experienced a significant life transition but there, as a badge of honor, were the makings of two lines at the edge of her smile.

In the time since then, I’ve experienced death and loss, cancer and illness, spiritual isolation and physical pain.  I stand on my front porch this morning, however, and I look out over my little suburban farm, and I know that it has been my saving grace.

Yes, family and friends have been my safety nets, my mentors, and my support.  God has been my rock, my nurturer, and my peace.  But this farm, this farm has let me sweat out frustration, dig through tears, and hoe around problems.  It has excited me, encouraged me, and humbled me.  I have lost myself then found myself again out in this small piece of creation.

Most importantly, however, it has renewed my sense of purpose, filled me with delight, and taught me more about who I am than most other adventures on this life’s journey.  Not only has it contributed to the etching of laugh lines but also has defined muscles, warmed my spirit, and opened my heart.

So on this day, I’ll spend some time celebrating out in the vines and stalks, dirt and mulch that have welcomed me into their family and defined for me the simple meaning of “grace.”  And you better believe, I’ll be puttin’ those little laugh lines to work today! : )


  1. Anne Mercer

    Had no idea you had been through so much. Your demeanor is so positive, and calm and serene! No wonder “Grace” is so meaningful for you. Hope Feb 9th is good to you.

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