shining the lamps of love in this world

Lamps of Lovegardener hand

O Lord, take my ears and hear through them,

take my hands and use them,

take my lips and speak through them,

take my eyes and smile through them,

take my heart and mind and will,

and use them as lamps of love,

by which your light may shine in all

the darkness of this suffering world.

~Modern prayer, anonymous


In the Service of All

The Lord of Love shines in the heart of all.

Seeing him in all creatures, the wise

Forget themselves in the service of all.

The Word is their joy, the Lord is their rest;

Such as they are the lovers of the Lord.

~From the Mundaka Upanishad (600-300BCE), India

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  1. This is a wonderful website!! Thank you for the beautiful prayers. I want to read more from your website.
    Bless you,

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