the gentle whispers of hope
the gentle whispers of hope

the gentle whispers of hope

Listen now to the gentle whispers of hope.

~Charles D. Brodhead

Up behind our little farm, woods serve as a buffer from the neighborhood behind us.  Often I like to roam that small patch of trees just to discover what God has growing there.

With the addition of LuLu to our family, I’ve been heading out in that direction daily.  As small as she is, she becomes engulfed by the leaves but continues to prance and wag as she follows behind.

When we arrive back at our doorstep, I find that we are always covered with small seeds of various shapes and sizes that have decided to take a ride on fur and jeans.   I sit us down on the stoop and start with LuLu’s ears then work my way through her body and end up brushing my hands across my legs. It takes little energy to remove the small travelers who have hitched a ride on us.


This morning, when I found this quote, I thought about those seeds.  I started the week with a quote by Anne Lamott about hope being stubborn, and am I rounding out the week with the idea of hope also being gentle.  When I look at those seeds perched on my pants, I am amazed by their persistence in clinging to me and traveling far down the hill to another place so they can bear new life.  Yet, when it’s time to say farewell to these hitch hikers, all it takes is one quick swipe of my hand to remove them–they are barely attached.

Hope is like those seeds–it comes from a place of strong desire, longing, and even courage.  It is rooted down deep within us and encourages us to make the journey no matter how long or hard or dark it may be.

But hope gently whispers to us, “Keep believing.  Keep journeying.  The light is coming.”



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