meditation card:  welcome to my farm
meditation card: welcome to my farm

meditation card: welcome to my farm

When I was in my “farm dreaming” stage, I sat at my kitchen table one day trying to determine why it was I felt so blue.  I sat in the quiet and just listened to my heart and my spirit.  Afterwards, I started thumbing through magazines I’d reserved for collaging.  As I began to pick out pictures that appealed to me, I noticed that there was a theme–my wished-for farm.  The more time I spent collecting and creating, the happier I became.  By the end of the project (and several hours later), I had completed a paradigm shift–collaging from my soul had helped me realize that this homestead could become that farm.


  1. I’m with you and your heart, Cameron. “Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside!”

    I recently took the plunge (for a very similar purpose as you described here) into Pinterest, and I have to say, it’s a pretty great tool for gathering, organizing, and even sharing things you are visually drawn to.

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