autumn homecoming

When I was a preteen/teen, we visited Charleston, SC every spring.  My parents invited (to be read “forced”) my sister and me to tour homes, visit museums, and explore landmarks.  As a young parent, I returned to Charleston with my family for several September beach trips with my baby girl.  I love this town filled with Southern charm and tradition and hold many fond memories deeply in my heart.

This weekend, I have returned after several years away.  I am here for a conference, but I had some free time this afternoon and took a very long walk.  While I have never resided here, my time alone exploring the city felt like a homecoming of sorts.  I stopped by the Huguenot church where we spent one Easter Sunday.  I photographed gates of hidden gardens that I used to peek into as a child.  I sat in the bark down on the Battery and watched children run and play.

What a lovely, lovely way to spend an hour–photographing the present and remembering the past.

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