early morning turkeys and thoughts on Thanksgiving
early morning turkeys and thoughts on Thanksgiving

early morning turkeys and thoughts on Thanksgiving

Today begins my favorite season: Thanksgiving.  While I try to live a life of gratitude all year long,  it has been my tradition to celebrate the “season” of  Thanksgiving starting November 1.  I am reposting this one from last Spring because it seemed like a great way to begin the celebration.

This morning as I was traveling home from taking my daughter to school, I saw some turkeys gathered in a field.  Even though the cows were out grazing, the lady gobblers were ready for breakfast, and so, a fine gentleman escorted them out into the open, raised his tail feathers to the cows, and proceeded to protect the ladies so they could pick a little, talk a little.

Turkeys got me to thinking about Thanksgiving which brought with it sentimental feelings about my favorite time of year which led to my asking myself why it is my favorite time of year which brings me to this meditation on why I love Thanksgiving.

I love Thanksgiving because it is the one time of year where the commercial market hasn’t brainwashed us to think about presents or chocolate or breakfast in bed or zillions of greeting cards.  Thanksgiving is simply about giving thanks.  It is about letting others know how much you appreciate them, a time to be grateful for all that has come your way on life’s journey, and a time to reflect on what is most meaningful to you.

Each year in November, I take the time to send my holiday cards.  Yes, Christmas cards may go out at some point before February, if at all, but without fail, Thanksgiving cards are sent annually.  It warms my heart to think of all the reasons I want to express gratitude.  For my daughter’s pediatrician, her willingness to explore options for care outside of traditional medicine.  For my doctor, the patience and time she takes to listen to my concerns.  For my friend, her compassion and gentle nudging when I am stuck.

By the time I had reached home this morning, I had already started formulating thoughts on the list for this year.  Most importantly, though, I sent out a prayer of gratitude to the Creator who has brought all these people into my life.


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