lessons learned: storms, trees, and being rooted in faith

I am sitting here at my kitchen table this morning peer out into the darkness.  The storm is coming, and the early morning sky remains a shade of violet blue.  All I see are dark silhouettes of trees gracefully swaying in the wind.  As beautiful as they seem, I have lifted up prayers for safety this morning, not only for us for but for all those in the wake of this storm.

I am always amazed the flexibility of most trees.  Regardless of inclement weather and height, they manage to go with the flow of the air.  There’s a lot to be said for that.

I know there are laws of physics that can define how it is trees manage wind, but I’d like to think that some of it has to do with their being rooted so deeply.  Regardless of what life and weather bring their way, this “rootedness” helps them to remain grounded but also be flexible during the storms of life.

That’s what faith does for us–allows us to be rooted in something strong and solid so that we too can go with the flow, rather than snapping under pressure, when we encounter struggles or challenges in our own life’s journey.

As I glance up, I notice the morning sky is lightening a bit.    The birds call out to each other letting friends and family know there is fresh food in the feeders.  The wind is picking up now, but the trees are taking it in stride, swaying back and forth as if rocking a baby to sleep.


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  1. Beautiful, thank you. Never quite thought of trees that way and I love them so….firmly rooted yet flexible!

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