goin’ on a ride

Yesterday, after spending several hours cleaning out flower beds and planting cover crops, I decided that I was goin’ on a ride.  The sun’s golden light still dripped from the autumn leaves, and the temperature bordered on sweater weather.  Perfect!

When I was a little girl, Mom and Dad would announce, “We’re goin’ on a ride,” and we’d load up the little brown Pinto (yes, I know I’m dating myself) and take off for the surrounding countryside or mountains.  On these rides, we searched for local birds or learned names of various wildflowers.  We hiked to mountain summits and swam in valley rivers.  We picnicked on rocks and rested on moss.  We got lost but found ourselves discovering new adventures along the way.

As an adult, I’ve realized that “goin’ on a ride” wasn’t about the ride itself; most of the time.  These excursions offered our family a way to connect and grow and learn, not only about nature but about ourselves as well.  Most importantly, goin’ on a ride removed us from the day-to-day work-school-home routine; rather, we could focus on our time together as family through experiencing God’s creation.

Road to my parents’ home

Driving in the solitude of my car yesterday, I realized that goin’ on a ride just wasn’t the same without someone there to point out the groundhog rambling over the hill or the last of the black-eyed Susans fading in the sun.  It was then I changed course and headed toward the country road to my parents’ home.  Funny how goin’ on a ride took me right where I needed to be–enjoying time with my Mom and Dad.

One thought on “goin’ on a ride

  1. Another of my childhood memories you’ve returned to me, Cameron. “Going for a ride” was a Sunday afternoon pastime. We would pack a lunch, drive from Ohio into West Virginia, and usually stop at some kind of factory outlet along the way. Enjoyable memories … except when my older brother got bored, and threatened to push me out of the car on those steep mountain roads!

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