lessons learned: what bird netting can teach us about relaxation

Tension is who you think you should be.  Relaxation is who you are. 

~Chinese Proverb

This morning, after I fed the chickens, I was attaching their netting cover to the side of the fence.  I do it every morning and night, but today, it seemed to say, “I’m just not going.”  After pulling it in many directions, I ended up stretching it tautly, then I quickly hooked it into place and hoped it would hold.

Needless to say, it did not.

The tension kept it there for a moment, but what the netting wanted to do was relax itself and go back to the shape and form it was created to take.  In essence, the tension made it snap, just like stress can do to us.

Perhaps some days, we become like that netting–stretching ourselves too far beyond who we are or what we are capable of doing in order to “succeed,” “accomplish,” or “get ahead” rather than accepting being at peace in mind, body and spirit with where we are on the journey.

After the netting drooped down and I shifted it (and my way of thinking) a bit, I was able to gently place it around its hooks with a little “give.”

My prayer for us today is that we relax just a bit and offer ourselves a little “give” in order to appreciate the benefits of relaxation.

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