slowwww cooker + slowww Monday = happy family (and some good recipes too!)

In an effort to spend more time with my daughter and less time in the kitchen on Monday nights, I’ve gone back to using

it’s not your mama’s crock pot anymore

our Crock Pot.   Seems that if we can start “slow” on Monday nights, I can set a good tone for the week.  Even though I’ve not really spelled this out for my daughter, she seems to have picked up on the fact that Mondays have more time, more smiles, and more Mom.

A common misconception that I’ve encountered is that most meals cooked in a slow cooker are unhealthy or fattening.  Not so!  Tonight, we ate apricot chicken and root veggies (next blog post).  Last week, I baked sweet potato slices so they’d be ready to pair with our white beans and kale which only took 10 minutes to saute.

There’s a whole world of recipes out there if you are willing to do some googling or reading.  Everything from soups, stews, and chowders to beans, pastas, and meats.

Most importantly, I consider it part of our slow food movement here on the farm.  We take healthy food and cook it right here at home, from farm to table.   And if it offers us a bit more time to slow down and enjoy each others’ company, then all the better!


3 thoughts on “slowwww cooker + slowww Monday = happy family (and some good recipes too!)

  1. I sort of forget about my crock pot and then remember it and use the heck out of it for a good long while. Fall seems like a good time to get back in the habit, and it would be nice to be more available for my twin kindergartners when they get home, exhausted and full of things to share. Thanks for the reminder.

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