end-of-summer rainbow salad
end-of-summer rainbow salad

end-of-summer rainbow salad

As luck would have it, my folks invited me to a party at their house to celebrate the end of summer with all of their nearest and dearest friends from Sugar Hollow.  I was looking forward to the event and had planned to take a cheese, fruit, and jam tray to share the goodies I had prepared this summer.  Unfortunately, my homesteading go the better of me, and with only an hour before the party, I realized that I had no time to stop in the store for cheeses.

What to do?  Open the fridge, step out in the garden and put together a delicious end-of-summer vegetable salad!

growing grace farm’s end-of-summer rainbow salad

fresh tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, summer squash, and purple cabbage–chopped to liking

fresh oregano flowers and leaves stripped from the stem

fresh sweet and Thai basils chopped in ribbons

feta cheese cubed and crumbled

dressing:  white wine vinegar, olive oil, juice from half of a lime, salt, pepper–all combined to taste

Toss in a bowl, let marinate for 1 hour if time permits then serve.
Very easy, very colorful and takes care of the last of the summer veggies waiting to be savored.  Enjoy!



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