conversations in progress
conversations in progress

conversations in progress

. . .when you pray, you are not starting the conversation from scratch, just remembering to plug back into a conversation that’s always in progress.

~Anne Lamott

School has started back and Time has changed her routine around her.  She seems to move more quickly through the day and plays hide and seek with us at night.  Yesterday, I turned around only to discover that more than half a month had passed, and I’d been out of touch with several good friends.

To my relief, I remembered they are people who will understand.  You see, Time likes to run around at their houses as well.  And no matter how many weeks have passed since conversations and hugs took the place of emails and status changes, I know that when we reconnect, it will be as if we put Time in “time out.”

Sometimes, it’s that way with our Creator.  We get so busy trying to “manage” Time that we forget to slow down and reconnect with God.  After awhile, we get overwhelmed wondering, “Where do I even start?”  We assume that prayer will be like sitting in a therapist’s office and having to catch God up on all the things that have occurred since our last visit.

But I prefer to think of God like a good friend–the person I can call after a month

prayer time–lying in the driveway under the Spring leaves

and just pick up where I left off.  We sit in the gardens and marvel over the new watermelons or laugh at the chickens chasing crickets.  We reflect on parenting as we slice tomatoes for the dehydrator.  We comfortably sit in silence in the cool morning breeze knowing that just being together is enough.

In your journey with your Creator, don’t let Time distract you or get in the way of your conversations.  What I’ve learned about Time is that she is like a three-year-old seeking attention–if you ignore her, she will go on her way and find something else to do, leaving you plenty of opportunity to catch up with an old Friend.



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