gentle gardeners, people of faith, and environmentalism

This morning, I picked up a book I’ve not read in awhile.  I was hoping for some inspiration for a meditation this morning, and when I’m limited in time, I return to books that touch my spirit

This morning, I’d like to share a passage from Michael Abbate’s book Gardening Eden:  How Creation Care Will Change Your Faith, Your Life, and Our World.  It has given me something to reflect on today.

In the chapter, “‘They Do Not Care'” (no page numbers).

this gentle gardener’s hand

I began with self-evident truths.  There are many reasons why it makes sense to plan,, design, and build in ways that are compatible with the natural systems of the planet.  All o f these reasons–protecting the earth for our descendants, alleviating sufering, ensuring species continuance, helping the economy–are appropriate reasons to respond to living in harmony with our environment.

. . .For much of the last century, religious institutions have missed–or ignored–our responsibility as stewards of the creation and to the Creator.  However, people of faith have long relished the grimy pleasures of gardening.  The process of nurturing life brings contentment and a sense of wholeness in the accomplishment.  We instinctively understand that we were designed to be gentle gardeners.  We just haven’t realized that the entire planet is our garden.


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