the “isness” of others
the “isness” of others

the “isness” of others

O Creator Lord, let me feel the “isness” of of things and people,

without resistance, without

trying to impose my own pattern upon them or

exploit them for selfish ends.  Let me welcome

them, enjoy them, value them, love them,

for what they are and for what they are becoming

through your creative love.

~George Appleton (1902-93), England

How easy it is to step into nature and behold all that is bountiful and good, to appreciate what our Gardener has tended and know that it has been created from light, food, water, and love.  How easy it is to admire the beautiful flowers, letting their aromas lift our spirits, to pick fresh food, preparing it as healthful nourishment.

How easy it is to weather the inclement storm or turbulent waters, knowing that this too shall pass.  How easy it is to appreciate the seasons, journeying hand-in-hand with their ebb and flow.

But how easy is it to love our friends for who they are, who they have been, and who they will become?  Aren’t we all a part of the Gardener’s creation?

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