kale chips
kale chips

kale chips

I love to hear my child exclaim “Yay!” when I announce I am making kale chips.  As thin and crispy as regular chips, we love to make these in the summer time.  Different kale will offer you different texture–needless to say, the thinner the kale, the less like a potato chip it will be.  We grow Vates kale for its hardiness, long season, and flavor.  It does make a thinner chip, however, which can almost melt in your mouth.


growing grace farm kale chips

ingredients:  raw kale washed and patted dry, olive oil, kosher salt, dehydrator

additional options–garlic salt or garlic powder, Italian or Greek seasoning (sometimes, I use Cavender’s)

In a large bowl, throw in 2-3 large handfuls of kale.  Pour olive oil in the cap or a teaspoon then drizzle over the kale.  Using tossing spoons or hands, toss the kale to distribute the oil.  Take a large pinch of kosher salt and sprinkle on the kale.  Toss again.

Place on dehydrator tray without much overlap (use as many trays as needed based on your dehydrator’s size).  Dry on vegetable setting for length of time that creates a crisp kale chip.  (Temps and times vary based on dehydrators.)

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