my friend, Summer Saturday
my friend, Summer Saturday

my friend, Summer Saturday

While I am not one for the heat of summertime, I do love me a Summer Saturday.  She can be very welcoming, you know,

Rosebank Farms, SC

with her visits to farmers’ market, weekend trips to the beach/mountains, and days out on the farm.  She beckons me to come outside and play rather than finishing my indoor chores–thank goodness, my allowance no longer relies on dusting the livingroom or mopping kitchen floors.

Summer Saturday reminds me of my childhood.  We reminisce on lemonade stands and climbing trees, wading in creeks and picknicking by rivers, and we celebrate rites of passage–learning to ride a bike, learning to drive a car, packing for college–all accomplished on Summer Saturday’s watch.

What I appreciate most about Summer Saturday is her ability to transport me away from the day-to-day and offer me a mini-vacation in spite of my working year ’round.  And so, thank you my friend, Summer Saturday, for inviting me to summer festivals, bountiful gardens, and unexplored trails.  You continue to nurture my spirit and rejuvenate my soul.

my daughter and my parents at the beach, 2005

Some of the adventures I’ve had with Summer Saturday. Call her up, she’d love to share a few of these with you too!

  • hide and seek with my sister among the bean vines
  • rock hopping in creeks
  • chasing chickens around the farm
  • collecting shells on the shore at sunrise
  • exploring new farmers markets
  • canning delicious goodies for winter
  • playing softball with my family in the backyard
  • picking berries and eating more than we brought home
  • traveling new roads to new places
  • taking the hiking trail less traveled with a good friend
  • building a fort in the woods with my godsons
  • taking annual family trips to the beach
  • hosting Fourth of July cookouts then ooohing and aaahing over fireworks together

    my grandparents at our annual Fourth of July cookout, 1991
  • attending Asheville’s minor league baseball games
  • making crepes for my daughter then enjoying slow mornings on the porch together

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