there’s nothin’ better than. . .
there’s nothin’ better than. . .

there’s nothin’ better than. . .

Today, as I was working out in the gardens, I picked a few fresh green beans, and uttered, “There’s nothing better than

fresh green beans

eating green beans off the vine.”

Awhile later, cool raindrops began to fall and quench my hot skin even though the sun was still shining.  I looked up at the sky and thought, “There’s nothing better than rain falling through the sunshine.”

“There’s nothing better than. . .”  I realized there are a lot of things that “there’s nothing better than. . .” when you homestead or live on a farm.  Here are a few.  There’s nothing better than. . .

  • . . .blackberries filled with sweet juice, picked straight off the vine
  • . . .a cool breeze whispering telling secrets to the trees as you sit on your porch in late eve
  • . . .quiet moments in the early morning before children, chickens or cats arise
  • . . .winter morning’s sweet jam that reminds you of summer and brings a smile to your face

    sweet, baby girls
  • . . .soft, baby chicks cuddling under your chin
  • . . .a bright red cardinal seeking seed for his bride in a January snow
  • . . .lying down on warm, Spring ground as sunshine blankets your body
  • . . .Spring’s first flower
  • . . .looking out your kitchen window into a wonderland of autumn color
  • . . .tasting the first sugar snap pea of Spring and anticipating all that is to come on your farm
  • . . .filling your home with fresh cut flowers from your garden
  • . . .canning gifts from the garden on a hot summer evening

    lenten rose in early Spring
  • . . .a warm cup of tea, a soft couch, a winter snow, and a wonderland of birds
  • . . .watching the sunrise or sunset from your own front porch

I am sure that I have remarked, “There’s nothing better than. . ” more times than I can remember, but these are a few of my favorites.  Next time you are moved to speak those words, stop.  Photograph or close your eyes or write about them–they will bring you much happiness and warmth on those days you are looking for a bit of inspiration.

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